Monday, June 20, 2011

The Obligatory Shoe Post, or "Wild Times at DSW"

Today's mission was two-pronged.

Objective #1. Find a pair of strappy, dressy heels for RWA Awards Ceremony.

Please. This was child's play. Done.

Objective #2: Buy a pair of cute, but sensible, shoes with a low heel suitable for walking long distances in hotel halls and on the streets of NYC.

Friends, the plan went awry.

The moment I walked through the doors of DSW, I knew I was in trouble. To my ears, the muzak piped through the speakers was a chorus of angels singing. As I roamed the aisles, smelling that new shoe smell, I slipped into a zombie-like trance.

I lost sight of the goal. Decidedly impractical shoes made their way into my shopping bag.

I'm weak. But I'm a happy girl.

Mission accomplished.


Keli Gwyn said...

What cute shoes! They'll look great on you. I'm eager to see the outfits they go with, too, which I will. Soon. It's not long until I see you. NYC, here we come!

MaryC said...

Boo Hoo. I went to DSW too but my old teacher's feet can't wear heels like that anymore.