Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Few Photos from the 2011 RWA Conference

A view of Times Square from the hotel

The gang, after seeing Jersey Boys on Broadway

Keli Gwyn and I, dressed up for the Awards Ceremony

The Broadway Ballroom before the ceremony began

Me at the podium, accepting the Golden Heart

Lisa Connelly and I (Lisa won for Contemporary Single Title)



Susan Anne Mason said...

Nice pics, Anne!

Are those our pixies in the photo after the Jersey boys? I could only recognize a couple of people!

And congrats again on your win! How nice that your cousin won too!


Anne Barton said...

Hi Sue! The group that I went to the show with was mostly Rubies, but Rachel was there too. :)

Thanks for the congrats--I feel so fortunate. And I'm absolutely thrilled for Lisa too.

Thanks for stopping by the blog . . . I'm going to try and post a conference recap in the next couple days. The workshops were so informative and inspiring . . . I hope I captured some of those nuggets in my notes. ;)

Keli Gwyn said...

Great pics, Anne. Sharing the experience with you was the best part of Nationals. I LOVED being there when you won the Golden Heart!!!

Anne Barton said...

Thanks, Keli! I'm so glad you were there too. :)