Sunday, July 20, 2008

More Fashion Fun

I know how this must look: like I'm more interested in playing dress up than in being a real writer. So, here's a quick update on "The Trouble with Twilight," also known as TTWT (an unfortunate acronym). I've written the first 50 pages and I like where it's headed.

Phew! Now we can talk about accessories.

If you've been following the drama here at my blog, you already know I bid on (and won!) an eBay gown to wear to the RWA Awards Ceremony. I'm very happy it fits because alterations would have cost me way more than the dress. Every chance I get, I've been telling my husband how lucky I was to get such a great deal (and how lucky HE is to have such a resourceful wife). This - you may have guessed - was all to prepare him for the other purchases which would inevitably follow.

I bought shoes today! With their gold heels and glittery straps, they look remarkably like a pair from my daughter's cardboard treasure chest of Disney princess costumes. I love them.

But the item I'm really excited about is the purse. It's not just a purse - it's a "vintage glass-beaded evening bag." I won it on eBay.

Don't worry, I've only bought two things on eBay. It's not like I'm addicted. Sure, you experience a little high when you find out you're the high bidder. But I can stop any time. I think.


Keli Gwyn said...


I'm glad hear your wip is going so well. It's a great feeling when the story flows.

The shoes are lovely. My daughter would definitely approve. She's the fashion diva around our house, shoes and jewelry being her favorite items.

Me? It's purses. And, wow, did you ever snag a beautiful one. What's the story behind it? Is it antique or a reproduction?

And are you prepared for all the compliments you're going to get at the Awards Ceremony once you don your finery?

Anne Barton said...

Hi, Keli! I wish I could tell you the purse is an early nineteenth century, original reticule from Regency England. That would be so cool.

It actually is an original, but from the 1960's. Hey, I was born in that decade - is it really "vintage" already? Scary. :)

Thanks a lot for popping over. Do you have an evening bag picked out for Awards Night?