Monday, July 28, 2008

A Peek at My Dance Card

So... it's almost time.

I'll be leaving for the RWA National Conference soon, and I wanted to thank lots of people. Your support has come in many forms: offering encouragement, kid-sitting, blog commenting, giving flowers, and lending dresses. I'm grateful for all of it.

In case you're interested, I've listed some of the highlights of my schedule in San Francisco this week.

  • Wednesday night is the Literacy Signing where over 500 authors autograph books for charity. I will be there, camera in hand, stalking my favorite authors.
  • Thursday, I'm attending workshops for most of the day. A couple I'm looking forward to: "Secrets of the Best-selling Sisterhood" and "Writing the Hot Historical."
  • On Friday morning there are more workshops, but in the afternoon there's a champagne reception for RITA and Golden Heart finalists. That means I will be in the same room - sipping champagne - with Regency authors extraordinaire, Julia Quinn and Anna Campbell, to name a few. I'm very excited about this and see LOTS of potential for embarrassing myself here.
  • All my fellow finalists are meeting up on Friday night for a Pixie Chick Party. We even had fun Pixie T-shirts made up. However, I will not over-imbibe because...
  • ...I have my editor and agent appointments on Saturday morning. (I have prepared color-coded index cards with talking points and will try to memorize them on the plane.)
  • Later that night is the RITA and Golden Heart Awards Ceremony, of eBay dress and purse fame. It starts at 8:00 San Francisco time, but if you have insomnia, check out this blurb from the RWA website:

    "Live from the Red Carpet! RWA will post the winners of the 2008 RITA and Golden Heart awards on the RWA Web site,, as they are announced on August 2 from 8-10 PM Pacific Time. So, tell your family and friends to visit the RWA site and root for their favorite authors."

    I'm looking forward to blogging all about the conference when I get back, so be sure to tune in next week. Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

4950Anne I hope you had a wonderful time at the ball. Please do share your Cinderella pictures and notes with us!!!

I want to see a shot of you in your finery!!

Anne Barton said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for your note. I did have a great time, but it's nice to be a plain old pumpkin again. As soon as I unpack and catch up with laundry I want to get back to writing!

Blogger wouldn't let me post pictures today. :( I'll try again tomorrow!

Hope you had a good week. I liked the special giveaways you had going on at Seekerville - very cool.

Thanks again!