Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anyone know the name of a good therapist?

I've noticed something about the love scenes I write. I find it easier to write them from my hero's point of view than my heroine's. This has been true for all three of my stories, even though the characterization is quite different in each. So I started wondering, WHY?

Maybe it's an opportunity to explore the mysterious inner-workings of mens' minds? No? I didn't think so either. Could it be that it's easier, in some ways, to write love scenes from the male point of view because men tend to be more, shall we say, graphic? (i.e., no need to use euphemisms for various body parts, etc.)

I'm not sure. So... I'm curious if other romance writers out there find it easier to write love scenes from one POV or the other. I'd also like to hear from readers. Do you favor one POV or the other for the steamy stuff? As a reader, I don't think I have a preference -- as long as the scene seems real and the characters are true to themselves throughout. What do you think?

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