Saturday, March 8, 2008

Acronyms for Romance Writers, or "Blogging 101"

Have you seen the TV ad where the daughter, Beth Ann, is using textspeak (much to her mother's dismay) and there are subtitles for those of us who require translation? I LOVE that commerical!

As I've started reading and enjoying other author's blogs I've noticed there are lots of acronyms that seem to be created especially for romance writers. Sometimes I see one, and I have NO idea what it means, but I'm too embarrassed to ask. So, I thought I'd try to create a list of frequently used ones here.

CP = critique partner
GH = Golden Heart
GMC = goal, motivation, conflict
POV = point of view
WIP = work in progress

Can you think of others I should add? (I'm sure there are lots.) Want to make up a brand new one? (The funnier the better.) C'mon, help a newbie out!

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