Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July - the month in random pictures

So, July started out with a derecho, which is apparently the meteorological term for a crazy scary storm with gigantic hail and 80 mph winds. We lost power for three days—three brutally hot days with no AC, running water (we’re on a well), or *sob* internet. But that wasn't the worst of it.  No electricity meant no this:

Without a functioning flat iron (which, incidentally, I consider the most important technological advance of the last century) I could scarcely leave the house.  It’s a testament to my pioneering spirit that I muddled through . . . and turned book 2 into my editor on time before heading to the beach with the family.

The beach was so peaceful and laid back, we felt like we were 300 miles away.  Oh wait, we were 300 miles away. As you can see, the weather was iffy:

The rain was a bummer.  On the bright side, the week was blessedly free of derechos. Plus, rain showers meant more time to visit to one of my all-time favorite beach destinations: the Island Book Store in Kitty Hawk, where I picked up these:

I recommend them all. Love these authors!

And as long as I’m recommending things, I should add these to the list:

Anyway, we had a great time, and the trusty mini-van got us back home.  Now, I'm in the midst of prepping for RWA’s annual conference in Anaheim.

As you may know, here on the blog I have a long-standing tradition of writing detailed accounts of my harrowing awards ceremony dress shopping experiences. This year, however, the process was relatively drama-free. I went to one store, tried on five dresses from the clearance rack, and walked out with two. The whole trip took an hour.

Awesome, . . . except. A successful shopping trip makes for a dreadfully boring blog post. But never fear! I feel certain that I shall be able to deliver more dressing room drama in the future.

Earlier this week I also made my annual (okay, more like quarterly) pilgrimage to my happy place:

I got two pairs of shoes.  Well, three if you count these:

These should work with a few conference outfits:

The other pair is practical and *cough*…comfortable. We’ll leave it at that. Avert your eyes. No photos, nothing to see, move along, folks.

And now that RWA is almost here, I’m really excited. This is my first conference since selling and even though my book isn’t out yet, I’ll be at the Grand Central signing on Saturday from 12 to 1:30. I might even get to sign and give away some ARCs:

And I have lots of shiny new bookmarks to hand out:

I think all that’s left to do is pack.  (Well, that and a marathon hair appointment on Friday. Seriously, I've already warned my kids they're on they're own for lunch and dinner.)

If you’re going to RWA, you’ve probably seen the packing lists and videos with expert packing tips. My advice? Don’t stress about it. You’ll be fine. As long as you have this:


Keli Gwyn said...

Anne, both of the red dresses are très cute. You'll look great no matter which of them you're wearing. Sheesh. What am I saying? You look great ALL the time.

Glad you survived the storm, power outage, and withdrawal from your flat iron. =)

Love, love, love seeing that stack of ARCs and your beautiful bookmarks.

Anne Barton said...

Thanks Keli! Nationals won't be the same without you. I'd leave my flat iron behind in a hot second if it meant I could take you along with me!