Sunday, October 24, 2010

Counting Down to the Golden Heart® Deadline

It gut-check time, ladies. And gentlemen.

I glanced at my calendar today, and saw that on Nov. 24--exactly one month from today--I'd written "mail entries." Golden Heart entries have to be at RWA® by close of business on Dec. 2. I like to mail them before Thanksgiving, though. I save a little on postage and get to have a stress-free turkey day.

It's funny how it always seems to come down to the wire. This will be the 5th straight year I've drafted a new manuscript to enter in the contest. I love having a deadline at the end of November. In December, I plan to goof off. Shopping, decorating, baking, and reading are all on the agenda. Also, catching up on all my TV shows.

This year, I think I'm a little bit ahead of where I usually am. I still have 10K words to go on The Proper Miss's Guide to Bad Behavior, aka The Etiquette of Extortion, aka The Blackmailing Seamstress, but it's going swimmingly. I think this has been my easiest story to write so far. Of course, easy doesn't necessarily translate into good. And I still have days when I want to pull my hair out, and I'll need to do a lot of revising, but the end is in sight.

If you're like me (scrambling to get your GH entry ready), take heart! It can feel overwhelming, lonely, and daunting, but a lot of us are in the same boat. Here are a few of my favorite GH related articles from various blogs that might give you the information or inspiration you need.

A Recipe for Golden Heart Success -- this is by Darynda Jones, super-talented and super-nice author of First Grave on the Right. She knows of what she speaks.

Goal Setting for the Golden Heart and Beyond -- Vivi Andrews, author of eight (8!) paranormal romance novels and novellas gives solid advice on goals.

Golden Heart Rotisserie by the Numbers -- Ruby Sister and GH winner, Jamie Michele, breaks down the numbers behind the categories. Really fascinating stuff.

The Woman Behind the Curtain -- that would be Carol Ritter, RWA professional relations manager. Multiple GH finalist Bev Pettersen interviewed Carol and got some great behind the scenes info.

Nine Nuggets from my Golden Heart Experiences -- if you want to know what it's like to be a GH finalist, this article by my awesome critique partner, Keli Gwyn, sums it up quite nicely.

You CAN Finish your Manuscript in time for the GH -- and avoid a FedEx bill that makes you weep. That's the plan, anyway. This one's by me.

If you have other GH articles you like, please let me know! I'll add them. Good luck to everyone racing to finish and polish their entries. We can do it!

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Keli Gwyn said...

Kudos, Anne, on being so close to The End--and ahead of schedule, too. Impressive!

I wish you well as you race to the finishing and look forward to reading the story. You teased with the opening, and I've GOT to find out what happens next. =)