Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just Two Months to Go

...till the RWA National Conference in San Francisco. I'm starting to feel the tinyest bit of anxiety about all I need to accomplish beforehand, so I'm going to make two lists to get myself organized. Deep breath, here we go.

What I've done so far:

- Bought a very serious, business-like, gray suit to wear for agent and editor appointments.

- Ordered new business cards. Yay! I love them so much that I'm thinking of sending my kids out to the street corner so they can hand 'em out to random people.

- Returned the gray suit and purchased a pink one that I like much better. Or, at least I did, until my 13-year old son said, "No one's going to take you seriously in that suit, Mom." He's usually right about these things, darn it.

- Lined up babysitters for the days I'll be with my hubby in San Fran. Love you, Mom! Thanks B&H!

What I still need to do:

- Write about 100 more pages of my work-in-progress, The Kissable Companion.

- Schedule at least one, fun, romantic night to share with my hubby while we're away. We'll be celebrating our 16th anniversary this July, and guess where we had our honeymoon? Yep, San Francisco!

- Update my website to match my fabulous business cards. (I thought the business cards were a great bargain at $20 for a box of 250, but since I'll probably spend 20 hours redesigning my website with similar colors and graphics I'm starting to question the wisdom of that purchase.)

- Borrow a dress -- no, make that a gown -- to wear to the Awards Ceremony on Saturday night. I have several sisters and sisters-in-law, so if one of you is out there reading this and you have a killer dress you can lend me, please come forward. And I'll probably have to hem it, so I hope that's not a problem.

- Prepare an acceptance speech. No, I'm not feeling especially optimistic, but on the off-chance my name is called I must have a plan that involves something other than crying.

And that's all I can think of now.

On a completely different topic, have you heard the song "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock? It's SO good.

This goes without saying, but I'd love to hear comments from anyone reading my ramblings. What's your favorite song for summer?


Mary Connealy said...

Hi, Anne. Checking out the GH finalist blog. That list of heroic characters is excellent. I had plenty of trouble picking, then I see I picked the one pretty much everybody did, but James Bond was pretty good, and John McClane was a strong possible. I had my cursor over him for a while.
And Will Smith and Aragon...well, these are all excellent possibilities. Nice list.

Anne Barton said...

Thanks for visiting and voting, Mary! It's so hard to choose, isn't it? I had to ponder the question of WHICH James Bond's photo to use. Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig? Sigh.

We've had some wild weather in the Wash DC area today, and I'm just coming back online after 7 hours with no power. Ah, it feels good to be plugged in again!

Take care!