Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kick-off of the Writing Season

It's not pool openings or backyard barbeques that mark the beginning of summer for me. It's something more sinister: bad hair days.

A mere week ago I was content, if not enamored with, my hair; now it's a source of embarrassment. Flat irons, straightening products, and extra-hold hairspray are no match for 92% humidity. Like a wild animal, my hair cannot be controlled, only contained. That means I'm reduced to wearing a ponytail or even (oh, the shame!) a baseball cap.

But I digress. There's another reason I know it's summer. There's absolutely nothing on TV. How did we go straight from the gluttony of 2-hour season finales on all 3 major networks to . . . nothing? (OK, I do enjoy The Bachelorette, but one show a week is hardly enough to sustain me.)

The lack of fresh programming is a grim and alarming reality, but there is a silver lining. My TV intake has (albeit involuntarily) dropped from 10.5 hours a week to 1 hour, and that means I suddenly have 9.5 hours of "free time."

I could squander it on exercise, household chores, or yardwork, but I think we all know how unlikely that is. Did I mention the 92% humidity?

So I'm going to spend 8.5 hours of my newly-found free time in the non-pollen ridden, air-conditioned, UVB ray free confines of my office. Writing. *Sigh.* It sounds heavenly. Almost as perfect as a DVR full of never-watched episodes of 30 Rock.

In case you're wondering about the other hour . . . I'm wisely setting that aside. For hair-related emergencies.

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Keli Gwyn said...

Cute post, Anne.

My family's answer to nothing worth watching on TV is Netflix. We're currently enjoying David Suchet portraying Agatha Christie's Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot. I'm not usually a fan of mysteries, but this one is so well done I'm hooked.

And I've actually figured out whodunnit and why on two episodes. Wow!