Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Five Things I Hate about Snow Days

I don't mean to sound ungrateful.

Snow days are a major perk, and there are lots of reasons to love 'em: sleeping in, wearing pyjamas, staying cozy, and watching the flakes fall.

Yeah, yeah. Well, at about 3:00 in the afternoon on my second straight snow day, as I sidestepped the mountain of wet boots, gloves, and hats in the hallway, I thought of a few things about snow days that aren't so hot. And a list was born . . .

5 Things I Hate about Snow Days:
  1. I become obsessed with The Sand Truck. If I hear anything vaguely resembling the rumbling of The Sand Truck (i.e., the dishwasher, my husband's surround-sound) I run to the front window, desperate for a sighting. I call my mom several times a day to check whether The Sand Truck has been to her house. If it has, I'm insanely jealous. If it reaches my house first, I'm sympathetic. And maybe a little smug.
  2. I cook (and eat!) too much. Something about a snow day brings out the Rachel Ray in me. It's like I'm convinced my family will starve--in spite of the stocked fridge and pantry--if I don't make something in the slow cooker and bake muffins. All those good smells wafting from the kitchen make me extra-hungry. Diet? What diet?
  3. There's no reason to do hair or makeup. And if I'm not doing those things, there's hardly a reason to get out of my baggy pyjamas and sweatshirt. I might as well be a slug all day. You may think this is no big deal, but I live with four people who beg to differ.
  4. I'm forced to get creative with excuses for not cleaning. I'm not working, my husband has shoveled the driveway, and the the kids are out sledding. It really would be the perfect time to mop the kitchen floor or organize my bathroom cabinet. Uh-huh. I think you understand my dilemma.
  5. Infomercials. It's getting bad. I seriously considered buying the Super Shami (the substitute for paper towels). I resisted, but then temptation reared its head again. The Snuggie (the blanket with sleeves) is utterly brilliant. I'm torn between the burgundy and sage green. What do you think?

So . . . when the alarm clock rings tomorrow, I'm going to be thankful it's not another snow day. However, by next week I might be ready for another. :)
Do you have a love/hate relationship with snow days? Are there any other "sold on TV" products I should check out?


JenBC said...

I laughed and smiled through your two most recent posts. But I thought for sure there would be more mention of wiping out in the parking lot. (Again, glad you're okay). I imagine you channel your daily trauma into your heroine's life (sore back becomes, tied to a torture rack; pink eye becomes temporary blindness; infomercial becomes falling under the spell of a witch -- or less lame ideas ;)) and so on.

I still admire your productivity!

Anne Barton said...

LOL--I esp like infomercial = witch's spell. I might have to use that.

The parking lot incident happened after this post, or else, believe me, it would have been #1 on the list. The resulting bruise is very unimpressive. Seems like I should have more to show for all my limb flailing and colorful language.

You guys have been getting a lot of snow up there, haven't you? Stay warm, have fun, and beware of infomercials! Thanks, Jen!