Saturday, November 1, 2008

How to be a Hero

Step 1: Start with a dire situation. Let's say you awake in the dead of night . . . to the vile stench of pure evil wafting through the castle. The princess is convinced a skunk has breached the outer walls of the keep.

Step 2: Endure suffering beyond measure. Though the odor is so thick you can taste it, so nauseating your stomach roils, act as though it doesn't bother you in the least. Stoically ignore the princess' nagging--er, gentle pleas to investigate, till you cannot any longer.

Step 3: Slay the intruder. Or at least scare it away. Or pretend you have. Be convincing, so that the princess is no longer distressed.

Step 4: Comfort the overwrought princess. Not only is this the kind and heroic thing to do, but it vastly increases your odds of getting back to sleep . And she will be eternally grateful.
  • Where would we be without our heroes? What does your hero do that makes you swoon?


Keli Gwyn said...

My real life hero has many small ways to come to my rescue.

When I run into trouble on my computer, he's there as the voice of reason, often calmly showing me what I need to do to get my task accomplished.

The first rains have come, my old windshield wipers left awful smears, and my guy replaced the blades without delay so I'd be able to see clearly and feel safer driving on the slick streets.

My DH is a foot taller than I am, so he gets things I need that are on the top shelves of the cupboards, sparing me the need to balance on a wobbly bar stool.

These may seem small deeds, but he performs them willingly and without complaint. Day after day he's there for me, which goes a long way to making him heroic in my book.

And when I wake him in the night after I've heard a suspicious noise, he gets up and puts himself in possible danger to protect me, so he scores in the big heroic deeds, too.

Anne Barton said...

Keli, what a thoughtful hero you have! All those little things mean a lot, don't they? You're hero obviously doesn't need the step by step guide. Sounds like he could write his own. :)