Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Writing Pants

Some people need to write in a specific location...their office, the local Starbucks, or maybe a cabin in the mountains. Me, I can write just about anywhere.

As long as I'm wearing my writing pants.

But the pants -as you have now seen- are not pretty, and therein lies problem #1. I run the risk of embarrassing my kids when their friends come to the door, and I answer it wearing toxic-green, flannel, penguin pajama pants. In August. However, I'm terribly committed to my craft. No amount of whining is going to make me give them up.

The second problem is trickier. I have exactly one pair. They're faded, worn thin, and stretched to perfection. My biggest challenge, the thing I dread most is *gulp*... laundry day. That's several hours out of every week that my writing pants are simply unavailable. If my muse strikes during that time...well, there's nothing to be done for it.

The power of the pants is mystical indeed. Who would have guessed you could find such a priceless rarity at Old Navy for just $14.99?


Keli Gwyn said...


I'm still smiling after reading your post. Those writing pants of yours are, um, really something . . . special.

I have a hard time thinking of classy Anne Barton popping out pages of prose while wearing penguin pajama pants. Would be an interesting sight. But you don't have to worry about me knocking on your door, disturbing your writing session and catching a glimpse of you in your flannel finery since I live clear across the country. :-)

And confession time. I may not have pj pants that jump start my creativity, but there is this well-worn, inspiration-inducing silky robe my family has caught me wearing while writing. Yes, even over my regular clothes.

Whatever works, right?

Anne Barton said...

LOL, Keli. That's right -- whatever works. I'd wear a pink feather boa if I thought it would increase my daily word count.

C.J. Redwine said...

Ooooh....I need something like that.

Well, not *exactly* like that.

Maybe some lounge pants with stilettos on them? I'd soooo wear those to write.

Anne Barton said...

CJ, thanks for stopping by! I'll let you know if Old Navy comes out with pajama pants that have stilettos on them. :) In the meantime, maybe you could just wear stilettos WITH your regular pajama pants?

My word verification is "wiplhm" which I'm reading "wip lame"... I hope this isn't a sign. :0

Anonymous said...

Anne, thanks for the photos. What a nice treat.

Congrats to you for finaling in the Maggie!!! Woo hooo!!

Georgia Romance Writers is proud to announce the finalists for the
25th Annual Maggie Awards for Excellence. Congratulations to everyone!

2008 Unpublished Maggie Award Finalists

Short Contemporary
Diane Garner - Hawaiian Heat
Anastasia Huff - The Greek's Mistress Revenge**
Linnea Newsome - Another Man's Baby**
Mary Oldham - Laura Takes a Lover
Danniele Worsham - Return to Mill Town

Long Contemporary
Amy Atwell - Lying Eyes
Terri L. Backhus - Getting Even
Donna L. Meier - Long Shadows
Carla Swafford - A Sheriff to Call Her Own
Kate Weichelt - Until I Found You

Debra Marvin - Knowing Grace
Dianna Shuford - Fear Not**
Pat Trainum - Shadows From the Past
Gina Welborn - Highland Peace

Clarissa Ellison - Touch of Twilight
Nancy Litzau - Just in Time
Regan Loyd - Desire Can Kill
Heather McCollum - Prophecy
Tracy W. Truman - Shadowspace

Anne Barton - The Kissable Companion
Lecia Cornwall - The Devil to Pay
Yvonne Harris - Montana Stage
Joan Kayse - The Patrician's Fortune
Laura Williams - The Devil's Virtue

Single Title
Amy Atwell - Public Relations
Misty Barerre - Molding Mercy**
Donna L. Meier - Dangerous Choices
Nancy Northcott - Deathbrew Affair**
Sharon Wray - Guardian's Angel

** GRW member

Missy Tippens said...

LOL, Anne! You may have to invest in another pair, even if it's a different pattern. :)

Loved the conference photos, too!

Congrats on the Maggie!! Are you coming to M&M? (It's my home chapter.) :)


Anne Barton said...

Tina, thanks so much for checking out the photos. I wish I had taken more. Actually, I did take more, but they are either (1)blurry or (2) totally unflattering. :)

Thanks for the congrats. And, congrats to YOU for your recent contest finals/wins!

Missy, you're right. I need another pair! My husband got me Redskins pajama pants last Christmas but they weren't quite roomy enough. And, as we all know, there's nothing worse than restrictive writing pants.

I'm sorry I won't get to see you at Moonlight & Magnolias. Hope you have a great time though! Thanks a bunch for stopping by. :)