Friday, April 25, 2008

Getting in touch with my Inner Vixen

Those of you who know me are undoubtedly aware of my reputation as... well, to quote the Spin Doctors, "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong." What can I say? I've fought it for years, but the more I protest, the lamer I sound. And I guess there might be a kernel of truth to the label. I cried over each and every "B" I received on my report card. (Most of them were in gym.) Even now, I follow directions and always color inside the lines and don't fudge my taxes even though it's very tempting.

But those of you who know me very well also know I have a bit of a wild side. (Wow, doesn't that sound dorky? I told you, it's no use.) goal over the next week or so is to tap into that crazy, uninhibited part of my personality so I can take a really important love scene from MIDNIGHT PROMISES to the next level. I found out yesterday that this scene finaled in SARA's Merritt Magic Moment Contest, and (fortunately!) I have a chance to revise it before my dream editor ranks it in the final round. Goodbye cliches! Farewell, point of view shifts! Au revior overuse of adverbs! You get the point.

I promise you, this scene is gonna be HOT. I'm thinking a glass of wine might help.

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